Bite Itch Helper
Bite Itch Helper
Bite Itch Helper
Bite Itch Helper

Bite Itch Helper

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Annoying itch and irritation, discomfort, anxiety and loss of sleep caused by mosquito bites is really a nuisance. No matter where you are or even where you at probably you are bitten by mosquitoes. With Bite Itch Helper helps you to feel relief on the itch you are feeling right now.

There might be existing insect repellents, creams, ointments, sprays, bracelets, patches but not all of them always work. Mosquitoes still bite us, and we continue to itch!

It's better to be safe than itchy!

How Bite Helper Makes You Itch Free


  • Place the metal tip of the BITE HELPER directly on the affected area. Activate Thermo-Pulse technology by pressing the On button.

Our technology in action

  • Concentrated Heat & Vibration is delivered to the affected area increasing localized blood flow and circulation.

Result - the itch is gone!

  • Itches are soothed and neutralized in seconds. No more itching or fear of insect bites. Enjoy your itch free day!


  • Quickly Neutralizes the Itch
  • Thermo-Pulse Technology
  • Drug and Chemical Free
  • Reusable Device
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Terminates the Itch 

Package Includes:

1pc Itching Relieve Pen