Interdental Brush
Interdental Brush
Interdental Brush
Interdental Brush
Interdental Brush

Interdental Brush

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Cleaning your interdental spaces is important to prevent tooth loss and diseases such as periodontitis, diabetes or even heart attacks. More than one third of the entire tooth surface is hidden in the interdental spaces (between your teeth), but a simple toothbrush can’t reach and clean these spaces properly.

This innovative Interdental Brush that makes cleaning your interdental spaces easier and more comfortable thanks to the special handle and the patented feeler that docks on your interdental space. All you have to do is press the it, so the brush gently slides through your interdental space.

Treat interdental spaces with special care by using the Interdental Brush. Otherwise, bacteria begins to metabolize leftover food components, and inflammations such as dental caries and periodontitis are triggered.

Scientific Study: The use of interdental brushes is associated with lower
risk of periodontitis, tooth loss, heart attacks and diabetes.

You will be done in much less time than actual flossing. It will also remove more plaque than flossing or tooth sticks. And most importantly, with the Interdental brush, you will not be grilled every time you go to the dentist!

  • Ultra-soft brush: Testified not to hurt your teeth or gums!
  • Easy to Use: Simply dock and press brush to slide through your interdental spaces
  • A better alternative to flossing: Easier & more efficient
  • Removes plaque, massages and strengthens your gums
  • Perfect for in between teeth, around implants, under braces, & around crowns
  • Wash brush thoroughly after every use
  • Change the brush weekly

How To Use:
  • You simply have to place it between the two of your teeth and press it down. A brush will slide between your teeth when pressed and it will come back out when you let go.
  • The Interdental Brush will get out anything that was left between your teeth. You can repeat this process between every tooth.

Refill Sets come in 3 different sizes as every interdental space is unique. The 3 sizes differ in a diameter of the wire as well as the bristle. Each Refill Set comes with 8 brushes of the desired size in a handy travel case.

Package Included:
  • 1 x Interdental Brush Handle
  • 1 x Refill Set


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